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When it comes to structured settlements in Cherry Hill and Hackensack, New Jersey, Settlement Funding Associates can help.

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Fort Lee, NJ — (ReleaseWire) — 06/13/2022 — Structured settlements are a tailored stream of future monthly payments supported by annuities from highly rated Life Insurance Companies with a fixed rate of return. These benefits are provided in exchange for an up-front cash payment, called a structured settlement.

Structured settlements in Cherry Hill and Hackensack, New Jersey are beneficial because they allow individuals to receive their settlement funds while continuing to earn interest on the money instead of having to wait until their case settles or goes to court. Structured settlements can also help people get the money they need faster than if they settle directly with an insurance company without paying taxes on it.

In addition to securing a fixed stream of income for life and an extended period, it helps maintain control over assets and the future. It also allows one to avoid probate court and expensive legal fees, providing peace of mind.

Settlement Funding Associates is the trusted partner for all structured settlement needs. The company’s team of experts will help clients with all types of structured settlement annuity options, including period certain annuity, guaranteed lump sum payment, joint and survivor annuity, temporary life annuity, life with period certain annuity, and so on.

With a structured settlement, one can choose how much money is required each month, when those payments will start and end (if at all), and what kind of annuity or insurance policy backs up those payments. One may receive the first payment immediately or wait until later in life when one may need it more. One also will have the option to take less money upfront in exchange for larger monthly payments later on down the road.

It’s tax-free! There’s no need to pay taxes on any income generated by the settlement—only on any money that goes into the account after receiving it from the settlement company (like an annuity).

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As one of the leading establishments, Settlement Funding Associates has offered unique Structured Settlement solutions that fit both immediate demand and long-term financial goals of the clients. Settlement Funding Associates has been a trusted brand in the Structured Settlement sector for over 35 years, earning a reputation for excellent service, quality, and speed.

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