Major Shift in the Ukraine War in Favor of NATO – What is

Unfortunately the people charged with holding the front lines for Russia are retards and melted away at the first sight of 15,000 men. The Ukrainian NATO-FAG forces are rummaging throughout the Russian countryside now — exchanging time for space and having a grande time of it posting their terrific results on Tik Tok. The “NAFO” brigades on Twitter are most elated and have their eyes set on Crimea next, maybe even Belgorod. Meanwhile Putin is busy opening a new martial arts studio in Moscow and the general command offered little excuse for their rout — other than to suggest they’re merely shifting forces around.

In actuality, the Russian rout spells disaster for any citizen who cooperated with them under occupied Russian control. Those people are now racing to leave before the Ukrainians get a hold of them and tape them to a pole for 72 hrs.

The Ukrainian offensive was well known for months in the making and yet Russia took zero steps to prevent this sort of egregious loss of space. I suppose we could give credit to NATO planners for a brilliant stratagem, just as much as we can malign the Russians for not knowing how to hold down clay.

Thus far, there has been little loss of life on the Russian side, although they have left equipment behind. In what seemed impossible just a week ago is now happening and the momentum has shifted to the gallant NATO brigades out of Kiev — steaming every so fastidiously towards their next destination.

I’m still afflicted with the COVID-19, so my analysis might be somewhat obtuse or useless. But, given the situation on the ground — you should expect markets to ROAR higher and oil/gas to drop. Markets are crazy enough to start pricing in the possibility of Putin being taken out in Russia. I only say this because his most ardent sycophants are now BESIDES themselves with grief and anguish — how a tiny backwater country and former vassal of Russia is seemingly taking Mother Russia to the woodshed and having his way with her. These people have always said the plan to invade Ukraine with so few men was always a retarded one and permitting Kiev to host world leaders whenever it wanted and transfer of weapons without obstacle was a recipe for defeat.

Hopefully this dreadful war can soon come to an end and Zelensky can tackle the real problems facing Kiev: legalizing gay marriage.

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